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Malaysia’s stunning natural wonders, and its place as a melting pot of Chinese, Indian and Malay cultures make it a truly unique destination. Throughout the length and breadth of this rich and diverse country, these influences are reflected in the landscape, the food, the architecture, the customs and the people.

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Relax in the most tranquil setting whilst having an adventure with hammerhead sharks and sea turtles.

A more leisurely pace can be found on the island of Penang. It is often touted as the ‘must visit’ destination in Malaysia. Its historic capital Georgetown will delight even the most jaded traveller. Hours can be spent marvelling at the eclectic architecture; family owned Chinese shop houses sit side by side with colonial buildings and huge religious temples. For those who love to eat, this is the place for you. Penang’s street food is world renowned. If tired of exploring the nooks and crannies and want to relax, head to the beach or wander through a tropical forest alive with flora and fauna.

A lateral diversion to the eastern state of Sabah can see you hiking up Mount Kinabalu to Low’s Peak at 4,095 metres. The pain of getting there is worth it as you watch the sun rise and the clouds and mist clear. After the long trek down, rest those weary limbs with massages and poolside drinks at luxurious hotels in Sabah’s capital, Kota Kinabalu. A short flight from Kota Kinabalu takes you to Sepilok. At the dedicated reserve, orphaned orangutans are rehabilitated for their return to nature. In minutes you will have fallen in love with these creatures who are our closest primate relatives.

For more wonders of the animal world escape to Sipadan. Located off the East Coast of Sabah this site is legendary even amongst the most hardened of dive aficionados. Relax in the most tranquil setting whilst having an adventure with hammerhead sharks and sea turtles.

Be you after something more lateral or just want to sample the best of what Asia has to offer, visit Malaysia. As the advertising so aptly sums it up, ‘Malaysia Truly Asia’.