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For many, Laos is hard to locate on a map. But, if you find the mighty Mekong River you will unearth Laos. And what a discovery. Its charm lies in the laidback and gentle lifestyle and the unique fusion of the best of French Colonialism with local culture.

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A highlight of any Laoatian trip has to be the food; fabulous baguettes and snails, or local cuisine infused with fresh, wild forest herbs and spices. Little did you know that Laos is a gastronomic delight.

In total contrast to the quiet sophistication and subtle charms of the town, head to the Plain of Jars. Who, what, how and why the Plain of Jars came to be confuses all. There is a theory that the thousands of jars, discs and stones are in fact funeral urns. The landscape is so bizarre that it is worth the effort. Solve the mystery yourself by going on a lateral diversion.

Consider adding Laos onto a trip to Vietnam or Thailand. Such is the might of the Mekong you can voyage from Vientiane all the way to Saigon or northwards from Luang Prabang to the Thai Border. Luxurious cruises are the perfect way to travel one of the greatest rivers of the world.

Sights and sounds abound, but Laos is so much more. This saying perhaps best captures the essence of the enchanting land of Laos; “The Vietnamese grow the rice, the Thais sell the rice and the people of Laos listen to it grow.”.