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Indonesia is an intriguing country with its rich tapestry of religions, traditions, cultures, languages and people. Each of its five main islands, that combined with 17,000 outlying islands go to make the world’s largest archipelago, has a rich identity and a distinct culture.

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Komodo Island, as the name may suggest, is home to the fearsome and famed Komodo dragons. They are the largest living species of monitor lizard and can weigh up to an incredible 70 kilos or more. Scared of creepy crawlies, this might not be the place to go.

In Sulawesi, divers may try for yourself and see if the dive site at Palau Bunaken and the Lembh Strait is amongst the best in the world. However, diving aside, the most popular attraction in Sulawesi is Tana Toraja. Truly unique, it is about cave graves, hanging graves and tau tau which are life sized wooden effigies. The island is also home to extraordinary traditional villages, unique architecture and a fascinating culture.

Indonesia is somewhere to take your time. Do one island in depth or spend longer, maybe a sabbatical, and start to understand this hugely rich and diverse land. It will be a deeply rewarding experience.